Wellness for us, by us

Welcome to Ess Wellness: non-judgemental wellness support

For anyone working in full service, sugaring, domming, stripping, hostessing, glamour modelling, online content creation, camming, porn performing and any other form of sex work, adult entertainment or erotic entertainment.

With over a decade of stripping experience I know the challenge that getting non-judgemental, sex work-affirmative healthcare and therapy can be like. I am passionate about providing this space for sex workers. It's time to stop social taboos being a barrier to getting this support.

Not everyone considers themself a sex worker but I'm using the phrase here as it's becoming the most used catch-all category for the diverse range of jobs people do in the adult and/or erotic space.

Disclaimer:The provision of health and wellbeing support on this website is not intended to facilitate or entice people into entering this field, but to support those who are already working in it.


Wellness groups and workshops for sex workers

These workshops on wellness topics can cover issues like sleep, immunity and body image. Each workshop comes with a handout and can be presented virtually or in person.

I have run group meditation sessions for sex workers.

I also run a peer support group for therapists and health practitioners who have a sex work background.

Individual therapy sessions

I am a trained hypnotherapist and meditation practitioner, providing changework therapy for my clients. This kind of therapy complements talk therapy as a way to make change.

I have seen from my own journey towards better health that a holistic take on mental, emotional and behaviour wellbeing is best and encourage clients to consider lifestyle and nutritional factors where relevant.

I am fully insured and accredited with regular supervision, and committed to continuing professional development. I stay within my accrediting body's code of ethics.

Sex worker wellness consultancy

I can research and consult on the wellness implications of a particular workplace or type of sex work.

This can include factors that influence one aspect of health and wellbeing or looking at the issues as a whole.

This service provided on a bespoke basis.

I was nervous at first but felt quickly at ease and with love and support. It wasn’t about telling me I was wrong about how I felt, but more about learning how to be kinder.
Workshop Attendee