Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy

I am a changework therapist, using hypnotherapy, NLP, mindfulness, coaching and breathwork to help people change their habits, behaviours, moods and mindsets for the better. I am fully trained and insured. I look at things from a holistic point of view so nutrition and lifestyle will be discussed where relevant.

What we can work on

Here are some examples of the kinds of things I help people with:

  • anxiety, depression, stress management
  • self-esteem, confidence
  • mind-body connection for physical issues, teeth grinding and other habits
  • addiction reduction support
  • developing better habits, letting go of phobias
  • body image issues, aging concerns
  • work issues, success, mindset
  • releasing traumas

Who I work with

You might not consider yourself a sex worker and that's ok. Do you do camming, content creation, full service, glamour modelling, sugaring, stripping, domming, porn etc? Whatever word you use to call the work you do, this is still for you.

I work with people of all gender identities, expressions and sexual orientations. I have also had clients who are neurodiverse. But if I'm not the right therapist for you, I will help you find a therapist who is.

At the moment I can't work with people who have a history of psychosis, bipolar disorder or a dissociative disorder, or who have epilepsy or asthma that isn't controlled with medication, but again, get in touch if you're having trouble finding a SWer-affirmative therapist and I will do my best to help.

How it works

We start by having a complimentary consultation and then formulate a plan for how to get you to your goal. I'll need you to fill out a consent form and supply some background information. Everything is kept confidential apart from some standard exceptions, which I'll go over with you when we talk.

In the sessions it is about having an open mind and having a go. The people who get the most from their sessions do some home practice in between sessions but we'll decide what is right for you together: even just 5 minutes a day can have a big impact.

I require payment 24 hours in advance. There's a 24-hour cancellation window. Sessions can be in person in North East London or online.

Looking for something else?

Looking for a group or workshop specifically tailored to sex workers? This page has more information. Groups can include pure meditation or be peer support or on a specific wellness topic.

For SWer-specific wellness information and news, follow @ess_wellness on Instagram for information on holistic health issues and events.

Lucinda was easy to work with. I really did get so much benefit and I feel like I've really turned a corner. I came in a place of high anxiety, low bandwidth and burnoutThe hypnotherapy made a huge difference in calming my nervous system down which gave me the space to do the rest of the work. I really valued her compassion when I couldn’t remember things, wasn’t on time, and struggled to communicate and it helped me to be calm and put things in perspective and not beat myself up more. It's been exactly what I needed and I have felt a big impact in a short period of time.
Ana Decanter – Attention Whores